Space, Time and Space-time

Does the economy and mathematical elegance of collapsing space and time into space-time represent a deepening of our understanding of nature or does the gain in simplicity come at a price? I ask this as a retired psychiatrist, who wonders at the inconvenient and almost imperceptible presence of consciousness in physics. As an indifferent mathematician,Continue reading “Space, Time and Space-time”

‘It’s in her DNA’ !?

This current cliche means no more than that family tradition and nurturing environment from an early age foster the development of skills through which someone displays exceptional aptitude and ability. Thus it is often said of young sporting personalities and musicians. However, taken literally, it would suggest there is something of the doctrine of LamarckismContinue reading “‘It’s in her DNA’ !?”

Nothing Imagined*

This is to note that because of a technical difficulty, the previous post which had this name was re-named The Edge of Immanence. That phrase was intentionally paradoxical, just as paradox is implicit in Rilke’s untitled poem, beginning ‘Durch den sich Vogel werfen’… ‘Birds launch themselves but not through space that’s shared’. Here is theContinue reading “Nothing Imagined*”