Consciousness, self, soul

De Anima is the Latin title of Aristotle’s book about the soul or psyche. The less well known Greek title is Peri Psyches. We still wrestle with this concept, or if we don’t we should. Charles Sherrington, the great physiologist wrote The Integrative Action of the Nervous System, and although his methods were that ofContinue reading “Consciousness, self, soul”

Consciousness and Self-consciousness

At the age of forty I read for the first time William James’ Principles of Psychology or to be accurate large parts of it. As a practising psychiatrist I was surprised that no one had mentioned it to me before, because it is a masterful study, and the chapters on Habit, The Consciousness of Self,Continue reading “Consciousness and Self-consciousness”

The Question Concerning Technology

This was the title of a lecture Heidegger gave in 1953 and later published as a paper. I wrote briefly about it on Quora and reproduce what I said with a few changes and additions here. Heidegger, as is well documented, was a deeply flawed individual. He was however an original and penetrating thinker andContinue reading “The Question Concerning Technology”