Human Behaviour

There are no exact sciences of human behaviour. Economics, criminology, sociology, and the various branches of psychology are amenable to study through observation, data collection and statistics but the results are invariably subject to interpretation and experts differ without being able to resolve their differences through critical experiments. The human world is less predictable thanContinue reading “Human Behaviour”

Marking Time – the collected blog

Marking Time: Thought and Poetry During the Pandemic is now available in softback, bringing together in one beautiful volume reflections on amongst other topics creativity, psychosis, free will, measured and experienced time. Certain names reoccur: Shakespeare, Kant, Wittgenstein, Auden, and extracts from Rilke’s sonnets translated by David Cook enhance and elucidate. Cook’s own poetry reflects on hope,Continue reading “Marking Time – the collected blog”

Consciousness, self, soul

De Anima is the Latin title of Aristotle’s book about the soul or psyche. The less well known Greek title is Peri Psyches. We still wrestle with this concept, or if we don’t we should. Charles Sherrington, the great physiologist wrote The Integrative Action of the Nervous System, and although his methods were that ofContinue reading “Consciousness, self, soul”

Consciousness and Self-consciousness

At the age of forty I read for the first time William James’ Principles of Psychology or to be accurate large parts of it. As a practising psychiatrist I was surprised that no one had mentioned it to me before, because it is a masterful study, and the chapters on Habit, The Consciousness of Self,Continue reading “Consciousness and Self-consciousness”