Plato and Dante

In Raphael’s Vatican fresco The School of Athens (1509-1511), Plato and Aristotle, walking side by side under magnificent arches, hold centre stage. Plato’s right forearm is held upward, his index finger pointing towards the heavens, Aristotle’s right arm extends forwards, his hand flat, palm towards the ground. The symbolism is clear but wonderfully achieved, pureContinue reading “Plato and Dante”

Space, Time and Space-time

Does the economy and mathematical elegance of collapsing space and time into space-time represent a deepening of our understanding of nature or does the gain in simplicity come at a price? I ask this as a retired psychiatrist, who wonders at the inconvenient and almost imperceptible presence of consciousness in physics. As an indifferent mathematician,Continue reading “Space, Time and Space-time”