Carbon and Silicon

We might use as a shorthand for the industrial revolution and the information revolution these two elements. Our lives have indeed been revolutionised but not without cost. Blake and Wordsworth worried about the alienation of man from Nature. The first four lines of a sonnet by Wordsworth are impressive: The world is too much withContinue reading “Carbon and Silicon”

The dream knows as the dreamer does not…

Now that we are tentatively beginning to restore some normality to our lives, many among us will be suffering appalling grief from the unexpected deaths of family members and friends. At times of great grief we learn things about ourselves which we had not previously known. Philip Larkin captured something of this in these linesContinue reading “The dream knows as the dreamer does not…”

New Beginnings

. The parthenogenesis of Daphnia, the water flea, (actually a small crustacean), bids to fill the lake when conditions are favourable, meaning plenty of everything. Explosive multiplication: nothing new but myriad clones to crowd out competition, and exploit their plenty while the going is good. It’s a statistical thing, mutually assured survival through mutually assuredContinue reading “New Beginnings”

the limbo of pandemic

My poem The Mind Waiting (it was written some time ago) inadvertently describes the limbo of pandemic: and only a jolt from outside,from the world of touch,reveals that something is different, except that there’s nothing outside,all the tracks lead back to the selfand simplification, a murmuration of starlingsplunging this way and that towards homeuntil gatheredContinue reading “the limbo of pandemic”